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How to help students do better in school?


How to help students do better in school? Maybe we should try hiring better-looking teachers. Orsubsidize gym memberships and makeovers for the teachers we already have.

Those, at least, are the implications of a new study from researchers at the University of Nevada, who designed a simple but revealing experiment using college students to see whether a lecturer’s attractiveness has any impact on how much of the lecture students retain.

More surprising: The researchers don’t think that sexual interest explains the results, which held up whether the teacher and students were of the same sex or not. This suggests, the improved student performance was “driven by processes independent from human sexual attraction, such as attention and motivation.” Or, it’s just human nature.

Sure enough, students found the attractive instructors more motivating, easier to follow and possessed of greater health, intelligence and competence. They also generally agreed about the attractiveness of the lecturers.

Overall, the findings are consistent with a mountain of previous research about the effects of physical attractiveness. Earlier studies have found that good-looking people are considered more capable, intelligent, persuasive and socially skilled.

In fact,regardless the teachers have the outstanding appearance or the superior strength,only the appearance and the strength coexist,then they can be more popular with students ,Just like the Jiangsu Fangkun's shelves,precise design, beautiful shape, excellent quality, and 24 hours of patient service, so has been popular with the customer's favorite and dependent.

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