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This is the highest level of Ps


James Fridman has made an offer to the world – you send him your photos that you want edited and he’ll sort them them. Without a fee.

1. “Hi James, would you be able to make the girl second from the right higher off the ground? thanks”

2. “Any possibility you can make him look interested in me instead of his phone”

3. “hey James can u please put a train behind me”

4. “can you plsss make me into a cat it is my one and only dream”

5. “can you edit taylor swift in the pic?”

6.“Hey Jamie! Please can you shop my picture? All my friends say that i have a neck like a giraffe”

7.“Hi James! I need you help. I lied to my friends that I visited Paris, can you fotoshop me in front of Eyefell twoer? Thanks very much!! =))”

8. “can u giv me some abs so i can get the gurlss”

9.“Can you make us look more secure? It feels like the branch is going to break.”

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