• AS/RS Racking

  • AS/RS (Automated Storage and Retrieval System) To meet goods storage and retrieval in high-density, narrow aisle space, the tracking system must be m...
  • Drive in rack

  • Drive in racking system is one storage system which have high storage efficiency. The structure of drive in racking is different from other racking. T...
  • pallet racking

  • Exclusive quality of Pallet Racking Solutions by Fangkun . Free CAD solution design , Free Quote .Costumer focused .Types: Pallet Racking, Drive-in Ra...
  • Shuttle Pallet

  • The Pallet Shuttle follows orders sent by an operator using a tablet with Wi-Fi connection,depositing the load in the first free placement location in...
  • Cantilever Rack

  • Cantilever rack, which also called arm racking, is ideal solution for storage of long objects like metal extrusions, steel bars, tubes, pipes, carpet ...
  • Medium duty rack

  • Medium duty rack/shelving is assembled, adjustable upright's minimum height adjustment is 25mm. It is widely used in manufacturing, the third party l...
  • Mezzanine rack

  • Mezzanines increase your manufacturing and storage capacity by adding a second or even a third level inside your warehouse. Mezzanines create new usab...
  • Cable rack

  • Cable storage rack is to hold specific storage needs of products such as wire and cable,mainly use the J hook connection,facilitate direct cable from ...
  • Drawer rack

  • Drawer rack is used to store mold machine and other heavy duty tools ,it takes less space and have large load capacity, particular classify and conve...
  • Wire mesh fence

  • Wire Mesh Fence multiple panels can be linked to any shape around any area.easy setup and take down.portable fencing is perfect for temporary construc...
  • Stacking rack

  • stacking rack is a good solution to protect your loads during handling, stacking and shipping with portable stack racks. Portable racks can be a bette...
  • Steel pallet

  • Steel pallet is widely used in many industries. Due to its durable character, it gradually take away wooden pallet and plastic pallet market place.Now...
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