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Shuttle Pallet

The Pallet Shuttle follows orders sent by an operator using a tablet with Wi-Fi connection,depositing the load in the first free placement location in the channel and compacting the pallets as much as possible. By removing the need to drive forklifts into the lanes, storage capacity is increased in terms of depth, the risk of accidents and damage to the racks is negligible,operator movements are optimised and warehouse operation is modernised and made more flexible.

Introducing the innovative Shuttle Radio Pallet Racking System, a revolution in warehouse efficiency. This cutting-edge system offers unparalleled advantages by optimizing storage space and streamlining operations. The automated shuttle system enhances picking and retrieval processes, reducing labor costs and maximizing productivity. As the primary manufacturer, we specialize in crafting these systems to perfection, offering tailored solutions to meet your specific needs. Embrace the future of warehousing with confidence. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation and explore the possibilities of a customized Shuttle Radio Pallet Racking System.

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